2/3 APRIL   –     BIG HAT DAYS

                    –     Downtown Clovis

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      Thank you from the folks at Make A Difference Outdoors!

7 MAY         –      KIDS FISHING DAY
                    –     SANGER – (Biola group)

7 MAY         –      KIDS FISHING DAY
                    –     SANGER – (Biola group)

20 MAY        –      5TH ANNUAL BANQUET   SOLD OUT!
                     –      Kingsburg Gun Club (Flyer)

19/20 MARCH – ARCHERY TOURNEMENT – Point Bluff Golf Course

                         – Herndon to Millbrook, right to the river.

Location: 500 club Casino
$60 buy in Meal included

Make a Difference Outdoors is dedicated to providing rewarding outdoor experiences to Veterans and individuals of all ages with special needs.

Come out, support and have Fun!

Contact: Joshua Lane (559) 289-8582

Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament Date: Saturday 8/19/17 1pm

                    –      SANGER, (BTB group)

9 APRIL       –      KIDS FISHING DAY             

                    –      16265 E. Annadale, SANGER (Biola group)