Here is the Morro Bay Brant Hunt…

Left to Right: Justin Bond (Vet), Tad Brusseau (Guide), John Cook (Vet)

On Nov 22, 2016 Tad and myself were fortunate enough to host these 2 amazing vets on a Brant Goose hunt in Morro Bay. We borrowed a house in town, BBQ’d some feasts, and hunted hard for 2 days. While the action was slow, the guys were fortunate enough to each bag a Brant and John pulled off a great shot on a Pintail duck as well. The slow portions of the day were not wasted, however, as we enjoyed getting to know these studs better!



Father and son team we got to take on a Idaho Elk Hunt. The father served in the army Rick Vann and his son David served in the Air Force. Rick was in Vietnam.

M2D Camo Properties Sparky Sparks donated one of hunts and was their guide.

Los Banos Hunt
From Left to Right Dave Reed (Guide), Russel Baldwin (Vet), Brad Nuki (Guide), Donny Roberts (Vet), Me and my pup: Riggins, Will Ravelo (Vet), Dominick Mohameds (Vet)

On Jan 10, 2017 MAD treated all of the above to dinner in Los Banos. We then went to our guides duck club, ' The Lucky 13'. It turned out to be a great day which provided each of our Hero's with a limit of ducks to take home for some awesome table fare! 

Photos are from a 2015 Coastal Deer Hunt in the hills West of Colusa that was made possible by the folks at Field Of Dreams . The young man in the wheel chair is Justin Gibson. He was involved in a horrible accident many years ago which left him paralyzed. The cool thing about this is Justin is the first hunter either of our groups ever took our for an adventure. Back then MAD Outdoors did not exist but a few of us participated in the early years of FOD. The positive outcome of this first hunt was the building block which launched FOD and eventually helped us to form MAD Outdoors.  When we took Justin out for the first hunt, he was freshly injured and not yet married. Now, approximately 10 years later, he is married with children and has his own fabricating business. In fact, the young man in the purple t-shirt is one of his sons!

Kids Fishing at our private pond

February 24, 2018

Pic #1    One of our heroes hooting some clays

Pic #2   We have kids and adults of all ages coming out to support what we do. 

Pic #3    Winner of your 2018 trap shoot.

Pic #4     This photo is of most of our volunteers

​MAD Outdoors sent chief Master Sergeant David Gardner and his son, on a father-son hog hunt this winter. David served 11 years in the United States Navy.


​Make A Difference Outdoors is proud to share with you our past events held for our Veterans, special needs, and youth. 

Los Banos Duck Hunt Number 2
Top Left is Douglas Bassford (Vet), Top Right is Matthew Yarbrough (Vet), Bottom left if Jordan Dunlap (Guide), Bottom Right is Rob Albair (Vet and Guide)

On Friday Night, Jan 21 MAD Outdoors treated myself, these guides and our 2 Hero’s to a great dinner and good nights sleep in Banos.  The next morning our guides each took a Vet to their personal Duck Clubs for day of hunting.  At the end of the day, each Vet took home a limit of birds!

These pics were taken at the Canal Properties Duck Club, of which Rob is a member.

Pic #1, from the first days hunt
Left to Right: Steve Reinholt (Host), Brian Harry (Vet), David Atteberry (Vet), Scott Jones 

Pic #2, from the second days hunt
Left to Right: Brian Harry (Vet), Jeff Zehnder (Guide), David Atteberry (Vet)

On Dec 18th, 2016  we were hosted at Jeff’s cabin on Chelan lake in WA. Beautiful place! We spent the next 2 days hunting from Jeff’s Blind Boat and eating his great cooking. Both of our Hero’s shot limits of ducks both days! This is the first of an annual Vet hunting weekend with Steve and Jeff.